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Freeplay for DigDug | Technical | Ordering Info   

Price: $35, US Shipping
Number of replacement ROMs in order:


for your DigDug

Geez, this one was a long time coming but it was worth it.   Finally, true freeplay with full attract mode.

Replacement ROMs feature:

  • Walk up to game and press 1- or 2-Player start, no need for coins
  • Runs the full attract mode, game does not freeze on the Press 1 or 2 player screen
  • Shows FREEPLAY in place of CREDITS
  • New Freeplay mode replaces 1 Coin/7 Credits setting
  • "Continue game" feature also works without coins
  • Displays FREEPLAY on Diagnostic screen when game is in Freeplay mode

Get technical!  



Please note that this is NOT a complete ROM set.  It is only a subset of uniquely programmed ROMs that I've created to work with your DigDug hardware.  You must own the original hardware and ROM set for this to work.