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Price: $30, US Shipping
Number of ROMs to replace:

The perfect addition to your MINT Kangaroo!
If you're thinking that Kangaroo already has a Freeplay, then you're right! Sort of.  Kangaroo "simulates" a Freeplay mode by awarding credits when either of the Start Buttons are pressed. This method causes problems. First, if you happen to press the START button more than once, or if you press START while the game is playing, then you can say goodbye to the Attract Mode. The game will continue to register credits and you'll be stuck staring at the "PUSH 1 OR 2 PLAYERS BUTTON" screen--not good. Second, the game's Attract Mode still prompts you to INSERT COINS even though it's in Freeplay mode.  It was a good attempt, but if you're serious about customizing your game with a true Freeplay then check out these ROMs.


Replacement ROMs feature:
  • The INSERT COINS prompt is removed from Attract Mode
  • Instead of CREDIT = 00 it shows  FREEPLAY, so you know it's in Freeplay
  • Walk up to game and press 1 or 2 player start, no need for coins
  • Attract mode runs, game will not freeze on the Press 1 or 2 player screen
  • New Freeplay ROMs use same DIP setting as the faulty Freeplay mode.

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