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Space Ace Enhancement 1.0 enhances the gameplay of original arcade version of Space Ace (Cinematronics 1983).  The new ROMs utilize all the footage on the LaserDisc in a more logical and organized fashion.  Space Ace owners should get these ROMs and find out what they have been missing.  Finally play Space Ace the way it was intended to be played!

Space Ace Enhancement Description and Ordering Info available here!

Check out this and other cool screen shots at Jeff Kinder's site:

Here are just some of the new features in the Space Ace Enhancement ROMs:

  • SAE has a new and structured scoring scheme, with detailed score chart.
  • All score values for shooting enemies are added into the score display at the exact moment that the target explodes!
  • Detailed on-screen coinage instructions eliminate novice confusion.
  • and much more!