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Disassembling and Assembling    dZ80
TASM Assembler
Zilog Developer Studio (ZDS) 

If you're interested in programming in assembly language and your ready to tackle some serious hacking then you'll need a good assembler and disassembler.

I used dz80 for disassembling. It's a decent tool and it's a free download.  Check out the link in the tools section above.  For best results, combine all ROM files into one file before disassembling.  Otherwise you'll get a lot of labels that are unresolved.  dZ80 won't tell you when you've hit data instead of code.  You'll just have to be on your toes and notice when the code stops making sense and starts looking like random garbage.

TASM and Zilog's assembler are both pretty good tools, however, I prefer TASM.  It works well from the command line and in batch files (.BAT). You can also use it for different micros (although Z80 seems to be the most common). Most disassembled files will still need a little massaging before they'll be able to be re-assembled. Below is an example of a command line for assembling with TASM.

TASM.EXE -c -b -fFF -g3 -t80 kanga.asm

Take special care that you're code is relocatable before you re-assemble it otherwise you might be jumping to non-existent routines that have been shifted elsewhere.



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