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Programming EPROMs    Needham's EPROM programmer
UV Eraser

If you make your own code changes you'll need a EPROM Eraser/Programmer so that you can try them out in your game.  Separate your ROM files into individual ROMs using the tips in Working with ROM Files.

Remember that you'll only need to reprogram the EPROMs that you've changed.  If you're clever about your hacks you can keep the number of EPROMs that you need to reprogram to a minimum.  Watch the checksum window in MAME or do a quick file compare to see which ROMs have changed and which have stayed the same.

Always make sure to test your code changes on MAME first.  This will save you time from erasing and reprogramming every time you make a change.  But remember, even though your changes may work great on MAME, they may behave differently in the actual game.

Check out Needham's for a decent selection of EPROM Programmers or you can check out the services of


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