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Commented code

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CH code has all the DL/SA elements with a few extras. CH implements a color graphic overlay with score, text messages, and splash screens. The game also keeps track of bookkeeping data like range of scores, times, and levels passed. Finally, Cliffhanger implements routines to control the PR-8210 laserdisc player.

Text Messages
The overlay allows the game to display messages like "PLEASE STANDBY" and "** DISC NOT UP TO SPEED **". DL could have benefited from this type of overlay during startup, instead of relying on counting the "beeps". The code has some interesting print routines that simplify the code quite a bit, see L2212.

There are also some nice drawing routines for rectangles.

Yes there is a tilt screen that will show if the game is tilted. I can't say that I ever tried to tilt a full-size arcade game before.  Check it out at L2509

Scene Data
The data for each scene is relatively easy to follow because each move has exactly the same amount of data. Here is an example of how the move data is organized:

; Difficulty 1:Scene 2:Move 7
L2787: .DB 000h ; 
L2788: .DB 004h ; Correct Move = RIGHT
L2789: .DB 0F0h ; Incorrect Move = FEET,HANDS
L278A: .DB 000h, 056h, 000h ; Move Start Frame: 005600 
L278D: .DB 000h, 056h, 040h ; Move End Frame: 005640 
L2790: .DB 000h, 081h, 020h ; Death Start Frame: 008120 
L2793: .DB 000h, 084h, 009h ; Death End Frame: 008409 
L2796: .DB 018h ; Restart 24 moves 
L2797: .DW 02775h ; Restart: Move 6


Overlay graphics allow high scores to enter their initials.  Nice code handles this.

Fear Factor
CH code has several copyright checks. Sprinkled throughout the ROMs is the phrase "COPYRIGHT: STERN ELECTRONICS, INC.". Diagnostic routines verify that each one of these copyright phrases is intact before the game runs. Check it out at L03AF.