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Can I customize my screen order if I'm using Brasington High Score or Arcadeshop's Multi-game Jamma PCB?
No.  Customized screen order and text are for arcade users only.

Do I have to include the Foundry (5)?
No.  Just use screens 1-4, and do not use 5.

Does each Level have to end with Rivets (4)?
Yes, each Level can have only one Rivet (4) screen and it must be at the end of the level.  This is how the game knows to advance to the next Level.

Can I have as many screens as I want for each Level?
Yes, but the total number of screens for all Levels must not be more than 20.

Do I have to have 4 Levels?  Can I just have 3 unique Levels and have it repeat?
Sure, include Levels 1-3 and erase the Level4, like this:

#DEFINE Level1  1,4
#DEFINE Level2  1,3,4
#DEFINE Level3  1,2,3,4
#DEFINE Repeat  1,2,1,3,1,4
Give me the usual!
Not sure where to put the Foundry?  Just say "Give me the usual" and you'll get the most popular order, just like what's shown here.
#DEFINE Level1 1,4
#DEFINE Level2 1,3,4
#DEFINE Level3 1,2,5,4
#DEFINE Level4 1,2,3,5,4
#DEFINE Repeat 1,2,1,3,5,4

What if I just want one Level to repeat continuously?
Try this.  It will just keep repeating all 5 screens.

#DEFINE Level1  1,2,3,5,4
#DEFINE Repeat  1,2,3,5,4

Do I have to start with Girders (1) each time?
No, but it will look pretty silly if the Girder screen doesn't come right after the opening intro where Kong climbs to the top with the Lady. 


Example #1
ERROR:  exceeds maximum of 20 screens (contains 22)
#DEFINE Level1  1,4,5,3 ERROR: screen 4 must come once at the end
#DEFINE Level2  1,3,4
#DEFINE Level3  1,2,3,4
#DEFINE Level4  1,2,1,3,4
#DEFINE Repeat  1,2,1,3,1,4

Example #2
ERROR:  must have at least 1 Level
#DEFINE Repeat  1,2,1,3,1,4

Example #3

#DEFINE Level1  1,4 
#DEFINE Level2  3,4
#DEFINE Level3  1,7,4
ERROR:  screens must be between 1 and 5
#DEFINE Level4  1,2,3,5,4
#DEFINE Level5  1,2,4
ERROR:  cannot create a Level5
#DEFINE Repeat  1,2,1,3,1,4